Naturally Granola ft. Rotterdam in a Box

Deze week stonden we op het blog van een van onze leveranciers; Naturally Granola. Hieronder - in het engels - het artikel.

Rotterdam in a Box

July 20, 2018

Have you ever heard of Rotterdam in a Box? No? Well then you can probably at the very least imagine what it is? Rotterdam In a Box is an awesome company that gives local entrepreneurs the chance to shine. And at the same time they bring you, the consumer an awesome tasting experience! Rotterdam has never tasted so good.

Being that Naturally Granola is a Rotterdam based company we were asked to join the box, and of course we agreed! Nothing better than locals joining together in order to spoil all you foodies. Rotterdam in a Box is known to sell their box to companies, where these are used as Christmas gifts to employees and of course to customers. But this box is also a great gift to give to family and friends for their birthdays, or just to show your appreciation. We suggest you head on over to their website to see which other great Rotterdam food/drink producers are available in Rotterdam in a Box.

Check voor de originele blogpost en de producten van Naturally Granola de website: