With Edgar Tea vs Rotterdam in a Box

One of the best tea's to be found in Rotterdam? Tea with Edgar. This is a product that we proudly represent in our Boxes. We were represented on Tea with Edgar's blog recently, now we are returning the favour. Find out in the below blog what they are all about;


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I am Edgar a globetrotting friendly turtle.

One day whilst travelling in Asia I met some tea people and we remained friends. We all settled in Rotterdam and started our company “Tea With Edgar”. My tea friends have a huge knowledge and love for tea and it seemed natural for me to work with people who possess so much passion for a product that has been on the market for over 2000 years. That in itself is mind blowing! These tea peeps eat, sleep and dream it and that’s when they are not, growing it, picking it, manufacturing it, tasting it, grading it, selling it and packing it. If “Tea with Edgar” can infect you with just a little bit of their “teathusiasm”, then we have done a good job. Respect is the word and respect for the whole tea chain is important to my mates and me. All of our real teas (Ca melia sinensis var sinensis, var assamica ). It goes without saying that we work with the best organic and ethically produced teas. Everything we do at Tea with Edgar fits into our 7 brand values:

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When Tycho and Boris from “Rotterdam in a Box” approached us to see if we were interes ted in becoming part of their product range . We were thrilled! What an hono u r to be picked out to join the other quality products from Rotterdam. Rotterdam in a box is showcasing the innovation and creativity of young up and coming local companies . Just great considering the international potential of Rotterdam and the exposure this can create.

For the future the tea team at Tea with Edgar have lots of new innovative product s in the pipeline . We are develop ing them with the help of Edgar’s friends and will bring them to you very soon.In the meantime carry on drinking tea, and remember use E dgar’s tea to make new friends . We did and made friends with Boris & Thyco and look where that got us,

Rotterdam in a box!


Cheers Edgar   


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